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  • You’ll be looking good…. just like
    Hollywood …. we’ll be the lady and the tramp
  • All those lonely hearts…… as they fall apart……
    all those lonely hearts, cry
  • I’m a big girl now….
    I can live through the pain…
    I can see through the tears here comes the rain 
  • I’m in love with this country…. I get so high…
    I’m in love with this country of mine
  • No one holds me... honey holds me, no one holds me...
    I feel so damn low
  • And there written on a wall...
    was a message for us all, in letters six feet tall...
    where did the good times go?
  • And I don’t know where I’m heading from
    and I don’t know from where I’m bound,
    but I need someone...
  • I can feel your bare feet walking... across the
    redwood floor... And I heard you catch you breath...
    like so many times before
  • My teddy bear got drunk last night….
    His fur was on the floor… and under it there was a
    teddy bear note saying you don’t love me no more
  • The language of the English….  hangs around my neck. 
    The syllables…. that strangle…. every breath...
    talk in English
  • It’s times like these that I miss cigarettes……
    the smoke and the sky
  • Hello heartache, well you’ve been
    here for a while. Soon our drinking friends
    will be here, that should raise a smile
  • There’s a woman on Mare Street …
    down by the station… rattling
    her can for another good cause
  • When summer’s over... it’s like any time of day…..
    looks like rain again today
  • He’ll arrive late in the pouring rain...
    he’ll be leaving with the steam and the moaning wind...
    so please, carry him home
  • Life is a rodeo... we all end up in the dirt...
    but the prize that I ride for is her
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All Through The Night  |  Stuart Day : Nov 2011
"From the restless drive of the title track to the bleak conclusion of Before We Turn to Dust, The Texettes cover some heavy territory on the "All Through The Night: album. Terry Bradford has written another excellent collection of orignal material which is suffused with references to Australia.....Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin and The Tanami Desert - but the songs have an emotional heart which make them universal.
Stand out tracks are All Through The Night, Red Dog and Before We Turn to Dust while Waiting for the Heartache should appeal to blues fans. Brett Sody's production is clear, clean and full, coaxing a rootsy country/soul sound out of the material Keyboards are
a feature here - real acoustic keyboards (piano, Hammond organ and Wurlitzer, bass and drums, slide, acoustic and electric guitar, and some really brilliant saxaphone form a perfect foundation. Chris Bowden's (Buck Naked)evocative design make this an attractive package."

A Surefire Cure  |  Capital News : by Deborah Minter June 2010:
"With vocals as dry as the Great Sandy Desert, Terry Bradford, lead singer of The Texettes, whispers achingly through their newly released CD, A Surefire Cure. You can’t help but feel the despair and heartache of that care-worn voice as he takes the listener through his musical journey. Stories such as By A Living Thing, mines and mills closed, farms lost and dying towns where generations of tradition are swept away. The Good Times is a poignant duet of a faded love with fellow Texette, Helen Ellis. Helen’s dusky contralto takes the lead in Heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll (which, contrary to the title is more like Paul Kelly than AC/DC). Perhaps the best track on the album, Cactus Flower is a delightfully subtle song to the land. More harshly confronting is the closing track The Hungry Wind; a cry of pain to the injustice of fate. This album will grab you, shake you and leave you bare. Round Records RR050"

A Surefire Cure  |  Mike Parkes (Kicking Country 88.7 Coast FM) June 2010:
"Very cool and mostly easy feel LP. Most even and balanced and consistent (and indeed best)
Texettes LP heard to date. Very marketable - International. Thank you for the preview."

Lost in Blue  |  The Adelaide Advertiser’s CD reviewer :
“Terry and Helen Ellis’s intertwining vocals make for an enjoyable local delicacy…… taking the listener out of Adelaide to touch down in Nashville, where the heart of Lost in Blue lies”.  

Fearless   |  Radio Adelaide 101.5FM : Album of the week July 22-28, 2006 :
“Local band the Texettes are sophisticated urban hillbillies with unique style. Their musical diversity encompasses electronica as well as bluegrass and country, with moods ranging from light-hearted to dark and tender”.
Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Fearless   |  Chris Bowden - Buck Naked Designs :
“-- There is a sense of fun in (the TExettes) music for sure, but underlying that there is a tenderness, a sadness and even a darkness at its soul”. The Texettes have been “fearless” with the contents and approach on this recording. How could all of this be released on a single album? The album is well titled. After a listen I can promise you won’t feel indifferent”
Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Fearless   |  Helen Ellis : 
“Fearless” is historical in a sense and captures the evolution of the TExettes music; the journey from a five piece, to a trio and now the duo. …… Who knows where the TExettes music will head.  I want to be  continually surprised!"
Monday, June 12th, 2006.

Sweetheart  |  G-Man. Rip It Up - Issue 678. Thursday, September 1st, 2005 :
“The production of this five-piece’s first CD is impeccable flawlessly polished songwriting resulting in an eclectic CD. If you can’t find a single trans techno, hardcore hip hop or other thrash metal record in your collection, it’s likely that you should treat yourself to The Texettes’ Sweetheart album today”.