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  • You’ll be looking good…. just like
    Hollywood …. we’ll be the lady and the tramp
  • All those lonely hearts…… as they fall apart……
    all those lonely hearts, cry
  • I’m a big girl now….
    I can live through the pain…
    I can see through the tears here comes the rain 
  • I’m in love with this country…. I get so high…
    I’m in love with this country of mine
  • No one holds me... honey holds me, no one holds me...
    I feel so damn low
  • And there written on a wall...
    was a message for us all, in letters six feet tall...
    where did the good times go?
  • And I don’t know where I’m heading from
    and I don’t know from where I’m bound,
    but I need someone...
  • I can feel your bare feet walking... across the
    redwood floor... And I heard you catch you breath...
    like so many times before
  • My teddy bear got drunk last night….
    His fur was on the floor… and under it there was a
    teddy bear note saying you don’t love me no more
  • The language of the English….  hangs around my neck. 
    The syllables…. that strangle…. every breath...
    talk in English
  • It’s times like these that I miss cigarettes……
    the smoke and the sky
  • Hello heartache, well you’ve been
    here for a while. Soon our drinking friends
    will be here, that should raise a smile
  • There’s a woman on Mare Street …
    down by the station… rattling
    her can for another good cause
  • When summer’s over... it’s like any time of day…..
    looks like rain again today
  • He’ll arrive late in the pouring rain...
    he’ll be leaving with the steam and the moaning wind...
    so please, carry him home
  • Life is a rodeo... we all end up in the dirt...
    but the prize that I ride for is her

© Round Records/Bradford– unless other author stated

All Through the Night
  • All Through the Night   2011

  • All Through the Night
  • Babe
  • Having a Good Time
  • Love Won't Break My Heart
  • Red Dog
  • Waiting For the Heartache
  • I Got Drunk
  • The Mystery in Me
  • Let This Pony Be
  • Before We Turn to Dust
A Surefire Cure

"A Surefire Cure"

You Cant Do That

"You Can't do That"

Lady And The Tramp

"The Lady and the Tramp"

Lost In Blue

"Lost In Blue"

  1. One More Beer
  2. Dance Floor
  3. Lost in Blue (Ellis)
  4. Dakota
  5. Love From a Distance
  6. Strawbroom Twostep
  7. Lion in the Firelight
  8. I’m Lonely for You
  9. There are Rules to Love
  10. Time on Your Hands
  11. Sweetheart of Mine


  1. Come Swim With Me
  2. When Night Time Comes
  3. Fearless
  4. Didn't I
  5. I've Got an Idea
  6. You Don't Understand the Blues
  7. I'm a Little in Love
  8. Come out of the Shadows
  9. Are You Sure
  10. The Land That We Love (Bradford/Wayman)
  11. You Can't Do That(Lennon/McCartney)
  12. When Night Time Comes
  13. I Love Chocolate (Bradford/Bray)
Land That We Love
"The Land That We Love"

  1. Show Me The Way Home The Land That We Love(Bradford/Wayman)
  2. Spinning My Wheels
  3. Tell Me Sweetheart
  4. Ride On



  1. Your Name (Phil Bray)
  2. Spinning My Wheels
  3. Tell Me Sweetheart
  4. The Pilgrim Song
  5. Colour of My Eyes(Phil Bray)
  6. Ride On
  7. After The Fire
  8. Come to Me (Bray/Bradford)
  9. Don't Damn This Town (Bray/Bradford)