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  • You’ll be looking good…. just like
    Hollywood …. we’ll be the lady and the tramp
  • All those lonely hearts…… as they fall apart……
    all those lonely hearts, cry
  • I’m a big girl now….
    I can live through the pain…
    I can see through the tears here comes the rain 
  • I’m in love with this country…. I get so high…
    I’m in love with this country of mine
  • No one holds me... honey holds me, no one holds me...
    I feel so damn low
  • And there written on a wall...
    was a message for us all, in letters six feet tall...
    where did the good times go?
  • And I don’t know where I’m heading from
    and I don’t know from where I’m bound,
    but I need someone...
  • I can feel your bare feet walking... across the
    redwood floor... And I heard you catch you breath...
    like so many times before
  • My teddy bear got drunk last night….
    His fur was on the floor… and under it there was a
    teddy bear note saying you don’t love me no more
  • The language of the English….  hangs around my neck. 
    The syllables…. that strangle…. every breath...
    talk in English
  • It’s times like these that I miss cigarettes……
    the smoke and the sky
  • Hello heartache, well you’ve been
    here for a while. Soon our drinking friends
    will be here, that should raise a smile
  • There’s a woman on Mare Street …
    down by the station… rattling
    her can for another good cause
  • When summer’s over... it’s like any time of day…..
    looks like rain again today
  • He’ll arrive late in the pouring rain...
    he’ll be leaving with the steam and the moaning wind...
    so please, carry him home
  • Life is a rodeo... we all end up in the dirt...
    but the prize that I ride for is her


HISTORY For more than a decade the Texettes have written, recorded and toured their original style of Roots music to a growing band of eager supporters. The Texettes were mostly Terry and Helen. With the release of their new album All Through the Night The Texettes now perform as a 6 piece band, who are exciting audiences with their original rootsy music.

TERRY Terry runs Adelaide based independent label, Round Records. He began his music career at around 30 years of age. Terry formed the original Texettes 5 piece line up in 1999, after being a member of various bands, July 14th, Those Kodiaks, The Every Brothers and The Barkers. A self taught guitarist with a passion for song writing, Terry has won SAMIA song writing, production and performance awards, and was a finalist of the Australian Aria awards for producer of Best World Music Album.Terry has been described as a “lyricist with a knack for cutting deep into the heart of personal politics, of love and life, in a deliciously wry whimsical way”. “The Land That We Love” a Bradford / Wayman composition, so impressed Ian McNamara’s (ABC Radio’s Australia All Over) that he included it on his 2004 compilation disc. Terry has continued to receive acclaim for his song writing , more recently through the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Tamworth Songwriters Association competitions.

HELEN Helen’s voice has been described as “one that we need to hear more of, fantastic for country music”. She started singing as a hobby in March 1999 making her debut on the verandah of Adelaide Community Radio Station Three D's weekly live to air programme, then as a member of the original Texettes 5 piece in April 2000. Helen sings lead and/or backing vocals and renowned for "intertwining duets" with Terry. Helen has recorded lead vocals and backing harmonies on the 9 Texettes albums to date and also manages the bookings and promotional aspects of The Texettes Band. Her first original composition "Lost in Blue" features on the Texettes album of the same name. She has won numerous awards for both her individual vocals, has performed at major music festivals such as Tamworth 2010, many SA Country Music festivals and some of SA's leading music venues.

DENIS SERMON joined The Texettes in 2011 as bass player. An award winning bass guitarist, with credentials as long as the neck on his bass guitar. Denis' vast experience extends to playing bass in The Grouse, Panic, Double Wammy, Blues Avenue Trio, Walking the Line (Johnny Cash Show). Denis also plays bass and tours with Amber Joy Poulton's Honky Tonk Angels ,(The Loretta Lynne Story) and The Sidecutters. Denis is also an accomplished songwriter "Two Rats at Tobruk” for Slim Dusty; also manages Blue Ring Records.

DAVE RHODES joined The Texettes in MAY 2012 as lead guitarist and says that playing with The Texettes has allowed him to rediscover his country roots, via his trusty old Tele. As ayoungster, Dave gained extensive edperience playing bands in SW Victoria and SE SA before moving to Adelaide. His performance repertoire including plaing the John Hobson, Chris Finned, Sweet Baby James Meston, Steve Brown and many others. His love for melody is a major part of his playing arsenal, leading him to play with hands such as Ginni & The Groove, Wise Guys, The Grouse, Last Train Home, Cats Pyjamas, Steve Brown Band and An Acoustic Scandal.

SAMANTHA WHITE joined The Texettes in September 2011 as piano/keyboardist. She completed her Grad.Dip.Ed 2010 and now teaches music privately and in high schools (receiving an Arts Award for 11 years service in high schools in 2003). Sam has performed, toured, recorded and composed for local bands such as Radics (UB40 Oz tour and 13 interstate tours), theatre companies and community groups for over 20 years, Adelaide Fringe/Come Out/Film (Rolf De Heer's "Dr Plonk") Festivals and Canberra Theatre Festival and until recently, played keys for local world music band "Moore, Black & The Organic Roots".

JOHN APPELBY joined The Texettes in 2012 as THE best drummer. Formed his first band in 1974 within 6 months of buying his first kit. Helped form the well respected Joe Hooker Band, which in 1978 rejigged itself into the Joe Hooker Band gaining much notoriety with its first single. John also played a short stint with Chris Finnen's Offering at that time. With "new wave" at it's peak in 1979, John formed Safari Set headlining major shows within 9 months. Their self funded tape went top 10 on FMMM chart, won SAFM's Summer Search Comp. Reached No. 2 on Triple M's charts whilst performing with Perfect Game in 1981 and 1983 and supported almost every major national and internalional act to tour SA including The Clash, Men at Work, INXS, Midnight Oil and Mondo Rock. John also plays with the newly reformed Sympathy Orchestra.