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  • You’ll be looking good…. just like
    Hollywood …. we’ll be the lady and the tramp
  • All those lonely hearts…… as they fall apart……
    all those lonely hearts, cry
  • I’m a big girl now….
    I can live through the pain…
    I can see through the tears here comes the rain 
  • I’m in love with this country…. I get so high…
    I’m in love with this country of mine
  • No one holds me... honey holds me, no one holds me...
    I feel so damn low
  • And there written on a wall...
    was a message for us all, in letters six feet tall...
    where did the good times go?
  • And I don’t know where I’m heading from
    and I don’t know from where I’m bound,
    but I need someone...
  • I can feel your bare feet walking... across the
    redwood floor... And I heard you catch you breath...
    like so many times before
  • My teddy bear got drunk last night….
    His fur was on the floor… and under it there was a
    teddy bear note saying you don’t love me no more
  • The language of the English….  hangs around my neck. 
    The syllables…. that strangle…. every breath...
    talk in English
  • It’s times like these that I miss cigarettes……
    the smoke and the sky
  • Hello heartache, well you’ve been
    here for a while. Soon our drinking friends
    will be here, that should raise a smile
  • There’s a woman on Mare Street …
    down by the station… rattling
    her can for another good cause
  • When summer’s over... it’s like any time of day…..
    looks like rain again today
  • He’ll arrive late in the pouring rain...
    he’ll be leaving with the steam and the moaning wind...
    so please, carry him home
  • Life is a rodeo... we all end up in the dirt...
    but the prize that I ride for is her
awards      Reviews

2012 Tamworth Songwriters Blues Roots & Bluegrass
Grand Finalist — "After the Fire"
2012Tamworth Songwriters Contemporary Section
Semi Finalist — "Country RnR"
2011 Riverland CM Festival
3rd Duo — "Redwood Floor"
2010 SA Country Music APRA Song of Year
Third place - "I Got Drunk" (Black Angel)
2010 Tamworth Songwriters Contemporary Section
Semi finalist - “By a Living Thing”
2009 Riverland Country Music Festival
Winner Band— ”What Am I Doing Here”>
Third Duet— ”I’m a Big Girl Now”
Third Male Vocal  — ”Dakota”
2009 NT Country Song of the Year
Final 5 “Edward Bear” Bush Ballad section
2009 Top of the Gulf CM Festival Pt Augusta:
Winner Band  - “What Am I Doing Here”
Runner Up Duet  - "I’m a Big Girl Now”
2008 Riverland  Country Music Festival Barmera:
Winner Country Rock  - “Show Me the Way Home”
Winner Band  - “One More Beer”
Winner Duo  - “I’m a Big Girl Now”
Runner Up Songwriter  - “Dakota”
Runner Up Gospel  – “Heaven on Earth”
2008 Top of the Gulf CM Festival Pt Augusta:
Winner Open Band  – “One More Beer”
Winner Open Duet  – “Dance Floor”
Runner Up Female Vocal  – “Sweetheart of Mine”
Third Place Open Gospel  – “Heaven on Earth”
Winner Open Instrumental  - Dixie (Dale)
Winner Golden Oldies  – “Didn’t I”
2008 Murraylands Music Festival  - Tailem Bend
Winner Senior Male Vocalist  - “Dakota”
2008 SACCM Champion of Champions Talent Quest
Finalist Male Vocal  - Terry Bradford
2008 Frances Folk Gathering
Winner Open Vocalist  - “Dakota”
Runner Up Open Vocalist  - “Love From a Distance”
2008 Murraylands Songwriter
Winner Male Vocal  - “Dakota”
2007 Frances Folk Gathering
Runner Up Open Vocalist  – “The Land That We Love”
Winner Intermediate Vocalist - “Didn’t I"
2007 The Cavern
Finalist Battle of the Bands
2006 Frances Folk Gathering
Runner Up Intermediate Vocalist  – “Love From a Distance”
2005 Frances Folk Gathering
Third intermediate Vocalist  – “You Don’t Understand the Blues”


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