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WOOHOO HOLIDAYS someone has been flitting around the countryside enjoying holidays with family. Who could refuse 4 weeks fishing over on the West Coast, 5 days in Canberra and then a weekend in the Barossa?

WOOHOO LAMEROO 400+ people attended the inaugural Lameroo Country Music Festival last weekend.  We felt very honoured to be part  of the great line up of artists at this very successful Festival and judging by the response, this could be the start of something big.  There were some very outstanding performances in Lameroo and I’d like to make special mention of the efforts of Roz Giles and the Lameroo Memorial Hall Committee.  Everything about this Festival worked.  The weather was perfect. The Lameroo Memorial Hall auditorium provided the big stage, the big sound and the big dance floor.  The supper room provided the opportunity to take a coffee break (with home baked goodies) and the opportunity to enjoy the more intimate performances. We had excellent accommodation in John and Kath Ramke’s shearer’s quarters. 


NEW ALBUM  "Sure Fire Cure" the CD launch is planned for July.  Mike Parkes (Kicking Country 88.7 Coast FM) says that  “It’s the most Texettes album yet”.  There are 12 new original songs and the pre release feedback to date has been consistent, with 3/3 reviewers selecting the same 3 songs as standouts, "By a Living Thing", "The Good Times" (duet) and "Cactus Flower".  You can download the album or individual tracks from  ITunes now, prior to the official release.


WHO TOPPED UP THE TANK? – we have what we call our tank of enthusiasm.  It’s our motivational strategy. For example, one reviewer said recently that the Texettes music "is very good rootsy, authentic, contemporary music" but that "it doesn’t have a home to go to in Australia".  It would be easy to feel somewhat  jaded,  but then we’ll receive a playlist from an Australian or International DJ, an email from someone who heard us on the radio and wants to buy an album, or get positive feedback at live performances.  That’s it, the tank of enthusiasm is topped up!

NEW VIDEOS FOR 2010 Together with writing more great songs, Terry’s focus this year will be to produce some video clips. David Banbury, an editor who has worked on a diverse range of documentaries, TV series, short films and commercials,  has come on board.  David has managed to transform a lot of film and a couple of photos  into a very quirky film clip for the duet  I’m a Big Girl Now . It’s hysterical!  Check it out and let us know what you think.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS  - we’ve met some wonderful people since we started travelling the Texettes Trail in 2007.  Kaye Wade, long time secretary of the Port Augusta Country Music Club sadly passed away in March.  I recall  tentatively phoning Kaye to see if we should  rock up to the 2007 talent quests, given that we performed only original music.  Kaye was then and continued to be, endlessly supportive and encouraging, so much so that we’ve attended the Port Augusta Festival every year since then. Our sincere condolences to her family and friends.

See you on the trail - Helen, Terry and Dale