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Hi from Helen, Terry and Dale,

The Texettes
WOOHOO and thanks to Macca…. We were more than happy to be able to respond to the invitation from Macca to come to Goolwa and perform live to air on the Sunday of the October long weekend. Terry and I were free so together with "Team Ellis", arrived in time to perform "What Am I Doing Here" and "The Land That We Love" to a huge crowd, some of whom had been there since 4.30am!

For those who listen to the the ABC on a Sunday morning, you will know that for 25 years now, Macca has presented “Australia All Over” to around 2 million listeners from Australia and all over the world. Macca has always been a big fan of "The Land That We Love" ("Macca by request Vol. 2" album.)

It’s been a busy few weeks. We enjoyed our session with Wally Sparrow on Radio Adelaide; sang live to air for around 25 minutes and then a brief interview. Wally spun "Take This Heart" which he things is a good "country" song. Thanks Wally!

Thanks to those who came to see us perform at The Beggars CD Launch. It was an excellent gig for us and oh, those Beggars are superb.

The Texettes

Borders Book and Music Store - a new experience for us –people are there to have coffee, read and listen. Every now and then they’d look up with a nod or a smile of appreciation for our music.; Nice!

The Texettes

We not intending to do much for a while. We’re currently recording songs for the 2010 release and I’m finding it hard to select a favourite, but look out for "Simmer", "Heavy Rock ‘n Roll", "Who Loves the Rain", "Honey You’re Poison", "You’ve Taken to Lying" are up there!

Thanks for photos: Peter Trapp (Beggars ); R. Jackson (Goolwa)
Thanks for feedback: Steve W (launch poster); Alison J; Paul J-Belgium
Thanks for airplay: Pappy K; ThreeD; Mike Parkes  Coast FM

Take care, Hel, Terry and Dale